The Arrival



studio open

on Saturday as of July 6th from 13.00 - 17.00 p.m.

work in progress

Bear with me, this site is work in progress. New features are added as we speak.

new work

I am finally getting some work done again. Things on my mind are taking shape.



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Doreen Olario
Arthur Koolkwartier 21
6711 VH Ede
+31 6 81199069

open on Saturday
13.00 - 17.00 pm


My mother was a very gifted artist. She painted, drew and sculpted the most beautiful things. When we were children we were always put to work with paper and paint when we uttered words like ‘mummm, I am bored...‘ 

I wanted to mimic her, but my skills didn’t reach. In frustration I threw my paintbrush away... It ended in a dark corner... where it stayed... for a long long time.

At some point I decided to pick it up again. I wanted to tell... It didn’t really matter how. Paint, write, draw....

My work is heartfelt. The feeling is always the center of it all. Feelings color your world... They color the world you experience. And just that feeling... that emotion... That's what I want to bring to the attention.






The series Victorians is inspired by vintage Victorian photography. The romantic and melodramatic images are enhanced so life-size paintings can be made. Starting point of the process is the vintage photograph after which layer by layer is added to give the series a dreamy and surreal feel.


















A calling...
Taken far away into a dreamy state...
No body can enter here...
No physical appearance here...
Just the mind...
and further...
and further...
An eerie place to be...
yet so seductive...
The curiosity prevails...
What is this eerie place?
What can be found here?
Taken into the endless grounds of the mind...








The Unknown


The Promise







We are standing on the brink...
The outer limits have been reached...
Going further than this is out of the question.
Many roads have been travelled...
Many paths have been taken...
Each with its own story, each with its own tale...
Going further away than this?
This is it.
This will have to do....



upcoming work

Series Evolution, Wallflowers and Natives are taking shape.. In my head anyway. The new studio will allow me to work on all series at the same time. NICE!

The Arrival


Cherry Blossom


He who flies between eagles



old font restored

Getting the studio ready for opening, we bumped onto a 'no smoking' sign on one of the beams. I managed to reconstruct the old font.

Some of the letters are really caracteristic. Check the R! The A is reconstructed, just like most of the alphabet, by looking at what is given.

One letter on the beam is missing, so the sign really says something like 'o smoking'. Ofcourse I'm keeping it!

Another little thing, which I will explain more detailed as we go along, is that the font is really old. The studio (and loft) is rebuild in the old stables of a military base. In earlier days the military horses stayed here and later on, tanks and other vehicles.

More details laterrrr...



font restored







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