marten and oopjen

Such beautiful paintings by Rembrandt. Marten Soolsmans and Oopjen Coppit. A well-off couple in the old days.

Thinking of new ideas for making my own home nice and cosy, these two came along. I immediatly had a nice idea. Bakingtins.... I found beautiful vintage bakingtins. An almost natural formed frame.... Casting them in epoxy.... An almost natural formed protection...

Interested? Let me know!

marten soolsmans


oopjen coppit





marten soolsmans


oopjen coppit


marten and oopjen

Euro 325,-

Edition 1 of 3
2 pieces of 51x33x2,5cm

Sizes depend on the material available


AK21 is a new brand I'm introducing. AK21 is  named after the location where it's created: Arthur Koolkwartier 21.

Purpose of AK21 is to create and design small objects, each with a max edition of 3.

The brand is also created to allow other artists to join.






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