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metamorphic soul

active soul


how it works



Create a moment for yourself (about 10 minutes) in which you are by yourself and where you don't get disturbed.


Select one of the images. The one that attracts you the most is 'talking' to you.. 


Be still... be silent... just look.... just observe... When you are ready, close your eyes and let your mind wander....


What do you see? What do you hear? Where do you go?? Don't bother to remember it ... just let your mind take you... just travel and see the landscape as it passes you by...


Soul Sketch

The first description is made. Curious? Select Soul Sketch. 


soul support box set


Soul Support 


Soul Support is created as we move along this strange period in time. Every few days/weeks I develop a new energy card which can help you create a moment in your life where you can reflect, can be still and in which you can rest your mind.






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